A leader in international soccer...

 Keeping busy promoting the game...
Blazer, the General Secretary of the Football Confederation and a Member of the FIFA Executive Committee is constantly in contact with world soccer leaders fighting for your interests.

A native New Yorker, Blazer is the first American born member on FIFA's governing body in its 100 year history. In his Confederation role for the last 15 years, Blazer continues to be responsible for the international administration of the sport for the 40 National Associations of North, Central America and the Caribbean.

FIFA website - CONCACAF site
and with visits to world leaders...
Blazer being introduced to the Pope by FIFA President Joseph Blatter at the Vatican.

The world's political leadership works hand in hand with the sport's authorities.
 and in exotic places too
There have been many great experiences and rewards in meeting and working with people from all over the world.

Soccer is so universal, that it brings down all barriers and people together.

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